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Serving Northwest Iowa for Over 40 Years!

For over 40 years, Clary Lake Service has grown to be the leader in the dock and boat hoist industry in the Iowa Great Lakes and the midwest.  Since the beginning, Clary Lake Service has pursued a dream to fill needs, provide solutions, and compete in the existing marketplace.  Unmatched customer service and continuously reaching for the highest standard of quality has always been our number one goal.  Through strong determination and striving to achieve our goals, Clary Lake Service occupies a position of leadership in customer satisfaction.  Providing the most professional and qualified staff, we make the process of boat hoist and dock installation and removal more enjoyable allowing more time for fun on the water. From boat hoist and dock installation and manufacturing to barge manufacturing, Clary Lake Service has earned its place with the right combination of skill and technology needed to produce the best products available without compromise.  We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients and look forward to this continuum with our new clients.
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DuraLift Marine

Boat Lifts, Docks & Accessories

Duralift Marine products include boat lifts, docks, hoist & dock accessories, canoe/kayak, utility, & hydraulic boat trailers, boat dollies, pontoon forks, dock & hoist barges, and much more.

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